Institutional Membership Form in the HESS Consortium

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We are sorry but the HESS Consortium is exclusively for private, non-profit colleges and universities.

Voluntary participation in HESS/E&I Contract Agreements

Please note: HESS/E&I contract agreements are now fully voluntary and in no way binding to our HESS member institutions.  With this, we wish to remind our members that the overall goal for our consortium is to negotiate a fair cost for all of our members collectively. HESS vendor cohorts negotiate product agreements with partner companies in coordination and consultion with E&I Cooperative Services.  This helps our member institutions to see a stronger overall savings when we are using our collective numbers. We believe that if HESS/E&I contract agreements are valuable to our members, it will be evident and members will wish to participate if they see value in our consortium and its growing purchasing influence.

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Question of your current status and preference for collaborative services such as multi-instance or multi-tenant cloud operations with other member institutions.

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