Contract Agreements & Offers for HESS Member Institutions


E&I/HESS Aggregate Purchasing Program with CDW-G

Our partner, E&I Cooperative Services, has created an exclusive aggregate purchase agreement for HESS Consortium member institutions.  This allows the annual spend of all of our HESS institutions to purchase as one entity at CDW-G, offering much deeper pricing across the CDW-G catalog.  You order as you normally would but at much greater savings.  As a member of HESS, your campus will automatically be part of the HESS/E&I aggregate purchase program that allows our private schools to aggregately purchase equipment and software at large quantity prices normally reserved for large public institutions.  

As a member of HESS, you automatically get access to this deeper pricing BUT, to take advantage of the pricing, you should: 1.) be a member in good standing with HESS and E&I (E&I membership is free), 2.) let your CDWG sale representative know that you are a member of the HESS/E&I agreement and 3.) you MUST select the E&I contract to get the deeper discounted pricing in your CDW-G portal area.

Deepest discounts through CDW-G are with close partners Apple (computers), HP (computers, network, printers), Lenovo (computers), Cisco (network) and Palo Alto Networks (network) but deep discounts are available from many other companies in the CDW-G product catalog.  Ask your sale representative about the special discounts through the E&I contract for the HESS Consortium SMA pricing.

For more information on this program, contact your sale representative at CDW-G or your E&I member relations executive for your school.  Click here to find your E&I MRE and let them know that you are a HESS member institution.


D2L is our exclusive LMS contract provider for the HESS Consortium!

We are excited to have D2L our first HESScloud contract provider in partnership with E&I Cooperative Services.  Our evaluation and selection team found D2L Brightspace the most innovative and sustainable learning management software for the cloud. Please visit their website to learn more about their new Brightspace cloud-native LMS solution at today!

For more information, please contact Andrew Fung at D2L at or Keith Fowlkes with HESS at  for more information on the HESS/E&I Contract for their Brightspace SaaS solution and services!




Three consulting/integration companies specializing in Ellucian software have extended special pricing to our HESS Consortium member institutions. 

  • The Strata Information Group (SIG) has offered a special hourly rate for their Ellucian Banner consulting and integration services at $165 per hour.  For more information, contact Emily Rudin or call Emily at 617-596-6868. To learn more about SIG, please visit their website at

  • OA Solutions have offered a special hourly rate for their Ellucian Colleague consulting and integration services at $130 per hour.  For more information, contact David Morris at or call David at 1-250-217-8954.  To learn more about OA, please visit their website at

  • ENA - Education Networks of America - has offered substantial discounts to our HESS member institutions from the wide array of products and services they provide, specficially in the area of Infrastructure-as-a-Service.  Please login with your username/password and click here for full information on discount pricing available to HESS Consortium Member Institutions.  For more information, contact John Sheehan, Director of Customer Services at 312-229-0256 or email him at  Also visit their website at for more information. 

  • Ferrilli has offered a special hourly rate for both Ellucian Colleague & Banner consulting services at $165/hour. For more information, contact Jessica Bonelli at or 610-565-3710.  To learn more about Ferrilli, please visit their website at 

  • Dean-Dorton specializes in the implementation of Sage Intacct Cloud Accounting software as well as Microsoft Dynamics services.  Their services also include outsourced IT audit services, HIPAA security and risk assessments and regulatory compliance testing.  Consulting and integration rates for HESS member institutions is $165 per hour.  For more information, please contact Jason Whitaker, Associate Director of Technology Consulting at (859) 425-7612 or email Jason at  To learn more about Dean-Dorton, please visit their website at

  • rSmart develops and sells a premier campus and mobile information portal software solution called OneCampus.  rSmart is offering OneCampus at a substantial discount to HESS member institutions now. For more information, please contact Ed McDermott, Director of Sales at 469-432-1965 or mail Ed at  To learn more about rSmart and their OneCampus portal software, visit their website at

  • Through our contract partner, E&I Cooperative Services (non-profit), our HESS institutions have access to many technology and non-technology related contracts at great education discounts.  For more information on these contracts, please visit their website at

The Plan on HESS/E&I ERP Contract Agreements for the Future

As everyone knows, the HESS Consortium was founded to help its private, non-profit colleges and universities collaborate, communicate and save money, specifically in the ERP (administrative systems) and ancillary software areas.  In our first (nearly) three years of being an official organization, we have grown to nearly 100 private, non-profit member institutions.  The numbers are not only indicative of the need for private institutions to have a larger voice in the software marketplace but it is also a plea for help and price stability to our software providers.

With the entry of E&I Cooperative Services into our contract process (HESS processes have been largely informal to this point), we have found a path to truly collaborative, shared ERP contracts that we believe will help all of our member institutions through the maze of licensing and campus pricing and help us work with our software partners more closely to share our struggles in many different areas.

Our new plan is simple and straight forward.  Our current RFP document for ERP software and services will be strengthened by our HESS Cohort Leaders and formalized in terms/conditions, legal and public/private procurement processes by Keith's E&I contract team.  Our HESS Software Cohorts will act as RFP review teams to review responses to our formal RFP and they will score and negotiate an agreement for a formal contract award.  HESS and E&I will jointly award and formalize the contract agreements.  All contracts will still be done between your institution and your software vendor of choice but using the new HESS/E&I contract agreement and pricing.

For those ERP software awards that E&I sees will best meets the needs of the rest of its 3,800 public and private colleges and universities in the E&I category of less than 8500 FTE students, HESS contract agreements will be adopted and promoted through its channels.  E&I plans to create another RFP for another contract agreement for institutions greater than 8500 FTE students for the large, public institutions in the E&I member family.

Given the difficulties we have heard from our software partners on creating a new RFP each year, we plan to do a 3-year contract renewal period with optional extensions of 2-year increments for HESS institutions and pricing/feature/licensing changes will be made on an as-needed basis.

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