Contract Agreements & Offers for HESS Member Institutions

HESS ERP and Cloud Systems Discounts

HESS members have a variety of discount programs that are available from our ERP and Cloud systems providers.  All of our ERP partners offer HESS members discounts on software and services.  These ERP partners include: Campus Management, Ellucian, Jenzabar, Oracle, UNIT4 and Workday. While discounts are available from all of our ERP business partners, we have established full cooperative contracts with some of these companies, listed below, in cooperation with E&I Cooperative Services! 

A full listing of all of our HESS member discounts and contracts can be found on our HESS leadership community wiki site.  (login required)


HESS / E&I ERP Cloud Systems and Services Cooperative Contracts Now Available

Our HESS institutions sponsored and served as RFP team members on a joint project with E&I Cooperative Services.  We feel that these companies have gone the extra mile in offering special pricing, incentives and terms/conditions that have been evaluated thoroughly and offer our members the best-in-class solutions.  After an exhaustive standards-based RFP development/release, evaluation and selection, E&I awarded the following companies contracts that are available to all HESS and E&I member institutions:

Mythics/ Oracle Student Cloud SaaS:  This competitively solicited contract with Mythics for Oracle ERP software-as-a-service products, Mythics implementation/integration services and stand-alone Oracle database licensing.  This contract includes Oracle's full line of Cloud software (Student, Finance and Human Capital Management) for higher education ERP, SIS and employee/student management solutions. 

For detail information on the contract through E&I, click here.

The HESS Consortium, together with partners - Oracle, Mythics and Drivestream - have created the HESS Collective Program. This program includes many benefits to institutions interested in adopting Oracle Cloud for Higher Education has a common platform for administrative enterprise systems. This program offers HESS members an affordable, modern and long-term solution while working together with other institutions to share resources including staff expertise, reports, workflows, integrations and many other cost saving collaborations.  For more information on the HESS Collective Program, please visit

Workday Student and Financial Management SaaS:  This competitively solicited contract with Workday for ERP software-as-a-service products and implementation services includes their full line of higher education ERP, SIS and employee/student management solutions and services.  Workday will be working on a HESS Cohort building plan for institutions who wish to take part in additional discounts and programs.

For detail information on the contract through E&I, click here.
For more information on Workday Student software, click here.


E&I/HESS Aggregate Purchasing Program with CDW-G

Our partner, E&I Cooperative Services (through an MOU with the HESS Consortium (member login required)), has created an exclusive aggregate purchase agreement for HESS Consortium member institutions.  This allows the annual spend of all of our HESS institutions to purchase as one entity at CDW-G, offering much deeper pricing across the CDW-G catalog.  You order as you normally would but at much greater savings.  As a member of HESS, your campus will automatically be part of the HESS/E&I aggregate purchase program that allows our private schools to aggregately purchase equipment and software at large quantity prices normally reserved for large public institutions.  

As a member of HESS, you automatically get access to this deeper pricing BUT, to take advantage of the pricing, you should: 1.) be a member in good standing with HESS and E&I (E&I membership is free), 2.) let your CDWG sale representative know that you are a member of the HESS/E&I agreement and 3.) you MUST select the E&I contract to get the deeper discounted pricing in your CDW-G portal area.

EXPLANATION OF E&I/ HESS CDW-G DISCOUNTS:  There are two levels of discount pricing through the E&I CDW-G agreement.  The first is a base-level discount for those using the E&I contract at any level of purchase volume.  There is a second-level discount for institutions who can commit to buying at least $2M in hardware and/or peripherals.  Most of our HESS member institutions are smaller, private institutions that will not reach the $2M threshold for the best pricing from the contract.  E&I and HESS has negotated a special member agreement (SMA) with the HESS Consortium so that all HESS institutions' purchases through CDW-G combined can reach the buying threshold to allow all of our institutions the highest-level pricing possible. The HESS organization has signed the agreement with CDW-G on behalf of our membership so their is not commitment agreement necessary from our individual member institutions.  In 2018, HESS institutions purchased over $5M in hardware, peripherals and supplies from CDW-G making HESS the largest collective organization using the E&I CDW-G contract.

Deepest discounts through CDW-G are with close partners Apple (computers), HP (computers, network, printers), Lenovo (computers), Cisco (network) and Palo Alto Networks (network) but deep discounts are available from many other companies available through the full CDW-G product catalog.  Ask your sale representative about the special discounts through the E&I contract for the HESS Consortium SMA pricing.

For more information on this program, contact your sale representative at CDW-G or your E&I member relations executive for your school.  Click here to find your E&I MRE and let them know that you are a HESS member institution.

D2L is our exclusive LMS contract provider for the HESS Consortium!

We are excited to have D2L our first HESScloud contract provider in partnership with E&I Cooperative Services.  Our evaluation and selection team found D2L Brightspace the most innovative and sustainable learning management software for the cloud. Please visit their website to learn more about their new Brightspace cloud-native LMS solution at today!

For more information, please contact Willem Boom with D2L at  or Keith Fowlkes with HESS at  for more information on the HESS/E&I Contract for their Brightspace SaaS solution and services!


In 2022, a major new strategic partnership was formed with the Coalition for College Cost Savings (the Coalition). This partnership is unique in that both the Coalition and the HESS Consortium serve the needs of only private, non-profit colleges and universities. This new collaboration brings more savings, collaboration, subject matter expertise to both of our organizations while focusing on the unique contract needs of privatei institutions nationwide.  HESS is proud of our new partnership with the Coalition and plans many new partnered contracts for our collective member institutions in the future.


Qualtrics has one purpose—to build technology that closes experience and data gaps. In pursuing this goal, Qualtrics has transformed the way universities collect, analyze and act on insights that drive better decision-making. We offer a single research solution utilized by over 2800 universities across the country, including 99/100 top-ranked business schools.

As part of this proposal, Qualtrics would like to extend an invitation to partner with HESS and it's affiliated institutions for Qualtrics Back to School Solution. The Back to School Solution includes modules designed for symptom tracking and contract tracing as universities look to reopen safely for Fall 2020 semester. As part of the Back to School Solution includes Core XM, our legacy survey tool, which is widely used among our higher education customers.

Contact Brandon Allen at Qualtrics at or call 385.203.4720.

Click here to see the Partner Discount Rate here (login required).


  • Brander Group has a full service to help organizations identify their IPv4 addresses, re-address the IPv4 to more efficient usage, properly quantify the IPs value, and safely sell IPv4 on the secondary market.  Brander Group offers HESS member institutions a discount on their services at a fixed 4% commission on the sale of your IPv4 addresses. See Brander Group's presentation to HESS online here and see full pricing details in the document download here and contact Jake Iskhakov at Brander Group at or call hiim at (702) 560-5616 x700. They leverage a specialized ecommerce site to help their clients buy IP address and quickly monetize your IPs. For more information on what Brander Group can do for your campus, click here.

  • DubBot provides automated website tests for website governance and quality assurance. Tests are provided for website accessibility, broken link checking, spell checking, and more.

    DubBot will be beneficial to HESS because the founder’s bring decades of experience working with higher education and specifically liberal arts colleges. They understand that website management is typically one of many jobs our members are responsible for overseeing. They used that knowledge for building a simple to use, action-oriented tool that will allow users to find, prioritize, and track website issues and progress. 

    The new partnership provides pre-negotiated discounted pricing for HESS members. For more information please contact Blaine Herman with DubBot at or read the HESS OLC Member benefits wiki for the latest information and pricing! (login required)

  • Evisions software - has offered an exclusive discount to HESS member institutions for their reporting products, used by Ellucian Banner customers. In order to secure this pricing, we ask that each institution who is planning on renewing reach out to their local account representative and ask for an updated pricing quote before the end of year.  Please see details on the exclusive HESS discount here.

  • ExcalTech - is pleased to offer discounted Microsoft 365 EDU volume licensing and support of Moodle and Teams integrations to all members.  Additional services and support are also available to HESS members with locked in savings.  For discount information click here or contact Chase Sonen at or call 847-786-8887.

  • Higher Digital offers HESS schools (1) a discount for a (SEA)RESULTS® annual subscription and (2) cost-effective and focused consulting packages to provide actionable insight into several mission critical areas that are greatly impacted by digital disruption and innovation. These packages take only 40 hours but delivers you detailed and custom advice and recommendations that will produce tangible benefits. Full information on Higher Digital's (SEA)RESULTS services here and pricing to HESS institutions can be found here.

  • The Strata Information Group (SIG) has offered a special hourly rate for their Ellucian Banner consulting and integration services at $170 per hour.  For more information, contact Emily Rudin or call Emily at 617-596-6868. To learn more about SIG, please visit their website at  Please make sure to ask to use the E&I/HESS contract when contacting them for services.

  • OA Solutions have offered a special hourly rate for their Ellucian Colleague consulting and integration services at $130 per hour.  For more information, contact Jill Pimlott at 250-975-1213 or email  To learn more about OA, please visit their website at

  • ENA - Education Networks of America - has offered substantial discounts to our HESS member institutions from the wide array of products and services they provide, specficially in the area of Infrastructure-as-a-Service.  Please login with your username/password and click here for full information on discount pricing available to HESS Consortium Member Institutions.  For more information, contact John Sheehan, Director of Customer Services at 312-229-0256 or email him at  You can download ENA's HESS pricing and discounts slide deck here or visit their website at for more information. 

  • Ferrilli has offered a special hourly rate for both Ellucian Colleague & Banner consulting services at $165/hour. For more information, contact the Ferrilli team at or 888-864-3282.  To learn more about Ferrilli, please visit their website at
  • MainStreet DBAs provides flexible database administrators as an extension of your staff for both Oracle and SQL Server environments. Pricing for HESS Members is at a rate of $120/hr.  Their normal market rate is $135/hour.  Weekly reports provide information on hours used and the tasks performed.  For more information click here to download their services listings and discount offer sheet or see their website at 

  • Optimal Concept Solutions is a consulting group specializing in the planning, development and optimization of online learning programs in higher education.  OCS can help institutions of all sizes to develop new online learning programs from the ground up by assisting in the areas of needs assessment, operational start-up, course reviews, strategic curriculum growth & improvement planning,  curriculum development, revision and alignment.  They offer all HESS member institutions a 20% discount for their entire catalog of services.  Click here to download their services linecard and HESS pricing and for more information, email Chelsie Dubay at for more information.

  • Dean-Dorton specializes in the implementation of Sage Intacct Cloud Accounting software as well as Microsoft Dynamics services.  Their services also include outsourced IT audit services, HIPAA security and risk assessments and regulatory compliance testing.  Consulting and integration rates for HESS member institutions is $165 per hour.  For more information, please contact Jason Whitaker, Associate Director of Technology Consulting at (859) 425-7612 or email Jason at  To learn more about Dean-Dorton, please visit their website at

  • Through our contract partner, The Coalition for College Cost Savings (non-profit), our HESS institutions have access to many technology and non-technology related contracts at great education discounts.  For more information on these contracts, please visit their website at today.  

  • Through our contract partner, E&I Cooperative Services (non-profit), our HESS institutions have access to many technology and non-technology related contracts at great education discounts.  For more information on these contracts, please visit their website at  

  • There are many more discount and contract offerings to HESS member institutions in our member benefits Wiki on our HESS Leadership Community website here. (login is required)