HESS Member Cohorts

HESS Product-focused Member Cohort Groups

The objective of these HESS Cohort Groups is to bring together our member institutions into community to work with their solution providers’ executives, collaborate and innovate on their specific enterprise administrative solution and its use. There are many advantages and possibilities evident through our member institutions working together to cooperate together to negotiate, collaborate and share resources to increase efficiencies & lower costs together in community.

The relationship with our foundational enterprise software partners is pivotal to the success of our member institutions and to the HESS Consortium. Our cohort teams work with these companies to drive engagement with HESS member customers for discount pricing and pricing/support programs, facilitate communications, conduct regular cohort meetings, information posts on the HESS OLC and cohort listservs and coordinate other activities for collaboration among the members of these HESS cohort groups. The activities of our enterprise systems cohort groups work independently or in tandem with our contract partner and discount affiliate programs and are driven by our cohort leadership, the cohort members and the HESS Consortium.

Current HESS Cohort Leaders

  • Anthology Cohort Co-chairs, Board of Directors (HESS)
    • Paul Dupree, Asbury University (Chief Information Officer)*
    • Kirk Bay, Mercer University (Exec. Director, Application Services)
  • Ellucian Colleague Cohort Co-Chairs, Board of Directors (HESS)
  • Ellucian Banner Cohort Co-chair, Board of Directors (HESS) 
  • Jenzabar Cohort Chair, Board of Directors (HESS)
    • Matthew McKenna, Cleveland Institute of Art  (Associate Vice President of Information Systems & Technology)
    • Kenitra Horsley, Queen’s College of Charlotte (Chief Information Officer)
  • Oracle Cohort (HESS Collective Program) Co-chairs, Board of Directors (HESS)
    • Gwen Pechan, Flagler College (Vice President, Institutional Technology)
    • Gene Spencer, Ursinus College (Chief Information Officer)
  • Workday Cohort Co-Chairs, Board of Directors (HESS)
    • Spencer Golden, Haverford College (Associate Chief Information Officer)
    • Maria Piret, Lynn University (Director, Information Systems)
  • Members-at-Large, Board of Directors (HESS)