HESS Consortium Business Partners

HESS Consortium Business Partners & Affiliates

HESS members have a variety of discount programs that are available from our ERP and Cloud systems providers.  All of our ERP partners offer HESS members discounts on software and services.  These ERP partners include: Anthology, Ellucian, Jenzabar, Oracle, and Workday. While discounts are available from all of our ERP business partners, we have established full cooperative contracts with some of these companies, listed below, in cooperation with E&I Cooperative Services!  Click here to learn how to be a HESS Business Partner or Affiliate.

HESS / Coalition Contract Partners – Our HESS / Coalition Contract Partners include our top partners in enterprise software, hardware and services. Being a contract partner means that a company has signed our partnered master service agreement (MSA) that ensures that our members get the best pricing and terms and conditions as researched, recommended and evaluated by HESS and many of its member institutions. These business partners experience member engagement on a whole new level through quarterly communications, webinars, website information, microsites and special discount offers and incentives. These partners could also be invited to becoming partners in programs in educate and innovate with our members through the Consortium’s member cohort groups. Learn more about our strategic partnership with The Coalition for College Cost Savings here.

HESS Discount Business Affiliates – Business Affiliates that offer basic discounts to our members through our HESS Online Leadership Community Business Partner Wiki. These business affiliates offer our members discounts on various hardware, software and services. Business Affiliates also have access to participate in the HESS Consortium National Conferences each year for sponsorship, displays and events as well as one or two HESS webinars with our members. Business Affiliates are also included in our HESS OLC Business Partners Wiki microsites. There is a small cost involved in this program. For more information, please contact us.

A full listing of all of our HESS member discounts and contracts can be found on our HESS Online Leadership Community (OLC) Business Partner WIKI.  (login required)

HESS Consortium Enterprise Software Partners

Current HESS Partner Programs

In 2022, a major new strategic partnership was formed with the Coalition for College Cost Savings (the Coalition). This partnership is unique in that both the Coalition and the HESS Consortium serve the needs of only private, non-profit colleges and universities. This new collaboration brings more savings, collaboration, subject matter expertise to both of our organizations while focusing on the unique contract needs of private institutions nationwide.  HESS is proud of our new partnership with the Coalition and plans many new partnered contracts for our collective member institutions in the future.

Premier HESS / Coalition Partnered Contracts include:

Data is the key to success in the digital era, and next generation Oracle cloud technology is here to transform how you manage it. Whether yours is a growing company looking to implement Oracle cloud applications, or a seasoned on-premise client considering a cloud migration, our proven Oracle consulting solutions offer a fast, efficient, and simplified route to the cloud.

Drivestream is the exclusive implementation and support partner for the HESS Collective Program for our common enterprise administrative software program.

Putting check payments and paper invoices, and all the headaches that come with them, in the past is one of the best changes an AP department can make. Invoice Automation allows finance professionals to gain immediate visibility to all invoices and their approval status, along with enabling departments to go paperless through electronic processing and archiving. Payment Automation enables organizations to process all vendor payment batches at the click of a button, while streamlining reconciliation and reducing vendor inquiries.

Granite delivers one-stop voice and data solutions to governmental agencies, educational institutions and multi-location businesses throughout the United States and Canada. The initial goal was simple – to make sourcing and managing local and long-distance phone services easier for our customers. Granite does this by providing: ​ Savings up to 50% ​​on current circuit and wireless costs.

E&I/HESS Aggregate Purchasing Program with CDW-G

Our partner, E&I Cooperative Services has created an exclusive aggregate purchase agreement for HESS Consortium member institutions.  This allows the annual spend of all of our HESS institutions to purchase as one entity at CDW-G, offering much deeper pricing across the CDW-G catalog.  You order as you normally would but at much greater savings.  As a member of HESS, your campus will automatically be part of the HESS/E&I aggregate purchase program that allows our private schools to aggregately purchase equipment and software at large quantity prices normally reserved for large public institutions.  

As a member of HESS, you automatically get access to this deeper pricing BUT, to take advantage of the pricing, you should: 1.) be a member in good standing with HESS and E&I (E&I membership is free), 2.) let your CDWG sale representative know that you are a member of the HESS/E&I agreement and 3.) you MUST select the E&I contract to get the deeper discounted pricing in your CDW-G portal area.


There are two levels of discount pricing through the E&I CDW-G agreement.  The first is a base-level discount for those using the E&I contract at any level of purchase volume.  There is a second-level discount for institutions who can commit to buying at least $2M in hardware and/or peripherals.  Most of our HESS member institutions are smaller, private institutions that will not reach the $2M threshold for the best pricing from the contract. 

E&I and HESS has negotated a special member agreement (SMA) with the HESS Consortium so that all HESS institutions’ purchases through CDW-G combined can reach the buying threshold to allow all of our institutions the highest-level pricing possible. The HESS organization has signed the agreement with CDW-G on behalf of our membership so their is not commitment agreement necessary from our individual member institutions.  In 2018, HESS institutions purchased over $5M in hardware, peripherals and supplies from CDW-G making HESS the largest collective organization using the E&I CDW-G contract.