2023 Elite Sponsors Post-Conference Workshops

Elite Sponsor Post-Conference Workshops – Friday, November 17, 2023

This year, our Elite Sponsors – Drivestream & Ellucian – will be presenting free 1/2 day post-conference workshops for our HESS members from 8:00am to 12:00pm EST on Friday, November 17, 2023. Please make sure to make accommodations for Thursday night, November 16 in order to attend the post-conference workshops on Friday, November 17, 2023. Please sign up below or on the registration page when you register for the conference!

HESS National Conference Post-Conference Workshop

8:00am – 12:00pm EST | Holly Conference Room
Breakfast begins at 7:00am EST

Master Class: Migrating to Oracle Cloud Applications

This Master Class empowers you to discover how to streamline operations, modernize HR, financial management and student administration, and enhance the user experience with Oracle Cloud Applications, all while gaining valuable insights from past implementations.

From pre-implementation planning to post-implementation support, we guide you through every step, ensuring a smooth and successful transition to the cloud. Take advantage of this opportunity to transform your institution.

Topic 1: Big Picture: Streamlining Campus Operations

Receive an overview of Oracle Cloud Applications and their relevance to Higher Education organizations. Discuss how these applications can help modernize and streamline various campus operations – HR, Finance, and Student Experience.  You will gain insights into other higher education institutions’ implementations and challenges.


Topic 2:  How to Prepare for the Transformation

This session will walk you through the Cloud Transformation Assessment that helps organizations clarify their strategy, identify business value, and lay a roadmap for migrating to Oracle cloud applications.  You will gain insights from past workshops conducted at Higher Education institutions. There will be an opportunity to sign up for a no-charge CTA assessment.

Topic 3:  What to Expect During the Implementation

In this session, you will learn about the key components of implementation and the critical considerations for a successful go-live. Then we walk through the implementation methodology and implementation timeline and discuss the deliverables received. Critical success factors, risk mitigation and lessons learned from the past implementations are also discussed.

Topic 4: Post Go-Live Support: What You Need to Know

This session discusses the types of services required to operate and manage a live Oracle cloud system. From break-fix and maintenance to enhancements and upgrades, we walk through how to continuously improve and harvest the full potential for the modern platform.  There will also be a discussion on the types of resources and skills needed for production maintenance that will result in reaping the projected benefits of the new cloud application.

Topic 5: Roundtable Discussion: The HESS Experience

Learn from other HESS schools their experience in the planning phase, the challenges they faced and how they overcame them.  You’ll gain insight into the implementation phase including best practices for successful implementation. Finally, you will hear about their experience with ongoing support, resources required and best practices.

HESS National Conference Post-Conference Workshop

8:00am – 12:00pm EST | Willow Conference Room
Breakfast begins at 7:00am EST

Your Path to SaaS and Your Launchpad for Greater Innovation

Join Ellucian as we officially kick off our Ellucian HESS Success Series at the HESS Conference on November 17th that will jumpstart your modernization journey. At Ellucian, our continued focus is on your success. Drawing from our extensive experience in migrating numerous global higher education institutions to the cloud, our approach is grounded in delivering to your strategic outcomes. Our end goal extends beyond a traditional cloud migration – we are hyper focused on helping your institution unlock the hidden innovation opportunities through your SaaS modernization. From modernized administration experiences to improving student outcomes, we continue to be your partner in navigating higher education’s transformation. Our post-conference workshop includes two sequential sessions – the first outlining a clear path to SaaS from where ever your starting point may be; the second demonstrating our new continuous strategic alignment approach underpinned by a higher education capability model that highlights the innovation to value connection.

First Session: A Path to SaaS from Where You Are
We will demonstrate an achievable path to SaaS; one that meets you where you are in your transformation journey. We will discuss our agile delivery foundation, which offers a strategic business alignment engagement, a change management propensity assessment, and a blueprint tool to assess your current environment – all in a complimentary package geared toward developing your individualized path to SaaS modernization. We will demonstrate our blueprint tool in action and conduct a real-time Q&A session. This session will be followed by brief workshop to wrap your head around what your SaaS journey may look like.

Second Session: Strategic Business Alignment, A Launchpad for Greater Innovation
Ellucian knows that moving to SaaS is not the ultimate goal but rather the initial step towards harnessing the full range of capabilities across your enterprise. We understand that true innovation is only found in the strategic intersection of technology, people, processes, and data. Our new strategic alignment approach, built on top of our global higher education capability model, provides CIOs with a strategic value delivery tool that quickly provides insight into areas for business process improvement, data maturity, consolidation opportunities and even white space available for innovation – all while ensuring direct correlation to the strategic initiatives of your institution. This session will be followed by a brief workshop to demonstrate the value of an enterprise-level strategic alignment modeling engagement. Expect lively discussion, brief hands-on workshops, and new ideas to take back to your institution as you prepare for your modernization journey. Future sessions as part of this ongoing series include relevant higher education topics that are currently of utmost importance to HESS CIOs in the field – like discussions on Ellucian solution innovation, the ethical use of AI, and enrollment trends.

Post-Conference Workshop Sign-up
These workshops are free for registered conference attendees and breakfast / lunch is provided. Please click here to register for the conference.