2023 HESS National Conference Schedule – DAY ONE

DAY ONE Sessions – Wednesday, November 15, 2023
HESS Member Institutions & Elite/Platinum Business Partner Presentations

PLEASE NOTE: All DAY ONE meals are in the Archibald Dining room and ALL sessions are on the 1st floor of the East Wing. All times are eastern time (EST).

The Archibald Dining Room is on the third floor- west tower. All sessions for DAY ONE are on the first floor, East Tower. Easy access between via the escalator and across the Conservatory.

Facility Map – The Galt House Hotel Meeting Spaces (subject to change)
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Presentation Title
Your Students are Struggling: Amplify Your Student Experience with RahRah
Session Time
4:00 PM
Laffoon (East Tower, 1st fl.)
Business Partner Sponsor
Session Track
Brief Presentation Description
Private colleges & universities invest more than $11,000 per student annually in support services like advising, tutoring, counseling, student groups, events, career services, financial aid help, and more. But here’s the catch: most students remain in the dark about these invaluable resources, causing summer melt, low retention, and poor graduation rates. RahRah changes the game, empowering your students to discover, book appointments, join groups, and attend events – all at their fingertips.

Students need simplicity, not complexity. Forget clunky portals they’ll only use a few times a year for class registration and bill payment. They crave a personalized, lightning-fast app – their instant ticket to all things important. They want RahRah.

Solve student confusion and increase student engagement & success with RahRah’s streamlined implementation process to start seeing results quickly.

Lead Presenter Name
Brian Baute
Cooper Jones
Presenter Type
Business Partner Presentation
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