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Current HESS / Coalition Contract Business Partner Portal

Welcome to our business partner portal with links that are important for our business contract partners and affiliates. Our HESS / Coalition Business Contract Partners have two very special benefits to enhance their engagement with HESS members.

Within the webinar reservation form is a dropdown showing what dates are taken by our partners. Please avoid these dates as two webinars cannot be scheduled on the same date. Our business partners and affiliates are allowed general use of our HESS Consortium and the Coalition for College Cost Savings logos.

Click here to download our logos for white and dark backgrounds. Please note that these forms are only for approved business partners of the HESS Consortium and The Coalition for College Cost Savings. All other submissions will be deleted. Thank you!

Registered HESS Business Partners & Affiliates

Details and discount information is provided to our members through our exclusive HESS Online Leadership Community (OLC) portal. Username and password is required.

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HESS Discount Business Affiliate

Everspring equips universities to adapt and thrive as technology and demographics reshape higher education. We fortify your programs and enhance enrollment through adaptive technology, high-performing marketing, robust platforms, data integration, research-backed course design, and faculty support—all while prioritizing speed, simplicity, and results. Based in Chicago, Everspring serves a growing number of colleges and universities nationwide.

Services with offers: 

  • Digital Enrollment Marketing
    • Market Scan: https://news.everspringpartners.com/market-scan/ 
  • Online Learning Design & Course Development
    • Everspring Course Quality Review: https://news.everspringpartners.com/everspring-quality-review/ 
  • Market Research & Program Consulting
    • Market Scan: https://news.everspringpartners.com/market-scan/ 
  • Recruitment and Student Services

Website: https://everspringpartners.com/

Services: https://www.everspringpartners.com/solutions